basic pastas
bolognaise a rich blend of tomato and herb, beef bolognaise sauce $10
3-cheese and shallots creamy 3-cheese sauce with shallots $10
creamy carbonara creamy garlic, bacon and shallots sauce $10
pesto chicken creamy 3-cheese sauce with chicken pieces and pesto $12
puttanesca rich tomato sauce, sliced olives, baby capers, anchovies, semi-dried tomatoes and chilli $12

gourmet pastas
mushroom and shallots mushrooms and shallots in a 3-cheese garlic cream sauce $16
prawn and chorizo Tossed through a 3-cheese garlic cream sauce, semi-dried tomatoes and spinach $22
chicken, pumpkin and cashews chicken pieces in a 3-cheese base sauce, roasted pumpkin, cashews and shallots $18
All pastas are served
with fettucini or spaghetti pastas
and parmesan cheese

Gluten-free pastas available